Nestled in the cornfields of west central Illinois, I came back home and bought my current home which is a 100 year old farm house on about 2 acres. I have had many different breeds over the years and you will meet many of them here on this website. My father is a veterinarian and I grew up with many different animals but did not have my first dog to call my own until I bought my first house. Purchasing that first puppy was the impetus that propelled me into the world of dogs that I now live and breathe in!

Although Iíve had Danes for many years and have been showing various breeds since 1994 in obedience and conformation, the concept of Jaya Great Danes didnít come to be until 2002. Jaya means "victory" in Native American. Being of Cherokee descent, I was looking to incorporate my background and portray it in my kennel name. I am sure that my Native American heritage led me to natural rearing of my animals. This includes raw feeding, limited/no vaccinations, no chemicals (flea and tick preventatives and heartworm medication), and the use of homeopathy.

My goals are very similar to my mentors. And that is to raise healthy (both physically and mentally) Great Danes that also exemplify all the qualities the breed standard calls for. This includes temperament as well as structural aspects of the breed. Striving for sound bodies and minds led me to question the traditional way of raising our dogs. Please, take a look around my website. While you are here, keep an open mind and start thinking "outside the box". Feel free to email me with questions and comments about the site and it's information.


Proud member of Heart Of Illinois Great Dane Club

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